Suki Rose Candle
Suki Rose Candle
Suki Rose Candle
Suki Rose Candle

Suki Rose Candle

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Suki Rose draws inspiration from the Shinjuku Gyoen Rose Garden in Japan, offering a true olfactory escape to one of the world's most beautiful and serene gardens.

Opulent and romantic, Suki Rose captures the intense, velvety bouquets of countless rose varieties that bloom throughout the year in this enchanting garden. The heart of the scent features a lavish blend of rose absolute and rose otto, creating a full, rich fragrance that embodies the roses in their prime.

As the scent unfolds, subtle hints of geranium and rosewood introduce a sophisticated and woody depth, evoking the tranquil atmosphere of the gardens. Perfect for those who cherish the serenity and beauty of nature, this rose-scented masterpiece is an invitation to immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of a Japanese rose garden


Up to 80 hours burn time with correct candle care

The Inspiration and Creation

Infused with pure essential oils and using the finest natural coconut blend wax, TEMPLE Candles are inspired by the glamorous garden city of Singapore and romantic travels of the Far East. Our Oriental botanic scents pay homage to the island's natural tropical surroundings, evoking memories of the exotic lifestyle of island living.

Our signature 24-faceted glass candle vessels, embossed with the quatrefoil emblem - an ancient symbol of good luck - are custom designed in our Singapore studio. Inspired by both the glittering modern glass structures of Singapore's skyline and the faceted pagodas of Asia, these vessels are created not just as candles but as elegant pieces of home decor, which we encourage you to repurpose or recycle once your candle is finished.

In a nod to Singapore's rich history, our signature gift boxes feature a timeless monochrome color scheme, paying tribute to the iconic 'Black and White' colonial architecture found throughout the island. Set on sprawling estates, these grand homes are symbols of the island's cultural legacy and are of great historical significance.

Each box is also adorned with a handcrafted Eternal Knot Tassel, which holds a powerful centuries-old symbolic meaning. Symbolizing good luck, longevity, and eternal love, the Eternal Knot represents an auspicious connection between two souls when gifted, making a TEMPLE candle an especially meaningful present.

For orders over $100, we offer free Standard Delivery in Singapore. 

Gift Cards are delivered electronically (by email) immediately to the email address of you, the purchasing customer.  Once you have the email, you can choose to print it or forward to your loved one.  If you lose the gift card, just let us know and we can re-send.

Standard delivery is usually 1-3 BUSINESS days.  Peak season such as Christmas, sale periods and exceptional circumstances beyond our control such as bad weather or courier delays may cause deliveries to take a little longer.  We seek your kind understanding on this matter


Carefully formulated to ensure the best performance, our bespoke fragrances have been created in partnership with world renowned & classically trained Master Perfumers from the fragrance house Firmenich, using the same precious, high quality elements found in designer perfumes. High in essential oil content, our fragrances formulas are non toxic, do not contain palm oil, and are true-to-life fragrances that uplift and invigorate.


Made from a proprietary blend of natural coconut wax, the highest quality essential oil fragrances and natural unbleached cotton wicks. Our candles are clean burning and made from sustainable coconut tree plantations without pesticides, GMO soybeans or any contribution to global warming.

  • Free from soy, herbicides, pesticides, GMO, toxins & palm oil (read why we no longer use soy wax in our FAQ's)
  • No parabens, phthalates, artificial colours or animal testing
  • Handcrafted in Singapore


Discreetly branded, TEMPLE Diffusers are the creation of our Founder and Interior Designer by trade, Kendall Hamill, who knows the importance of styling a room with elements that can blend with any type of decor.

TEMPLE's luxuriant diffusers will enhance your interiors with the natural beauty of clear faceted glass and uplifting Oriental botanic scents. Alcohol Free, Australian & European essential oil fragrances.

  • No parabens, phthalates, artificial colours or animal testing
  • Vegan friendly
  • Handcrafted in Singapore
  • Refills are available as a economical & low-package alternative

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