When NOT to Light Scented Candles

Although it can be tempting to light your favourite scented candle to set the mood and create that perfect ambience, there are certain situations where it is NOT advised.

For instance, did you know you shouldn’t burn scented candles while dining?

Here's why...


While scented candles can create a beautiful ambiance in the home, intensely scented candles should not be used during dinner or around food.

This is because the strong fragrances from a scented candle can disrupt the brain's ability to taste food. Our sense of taste is closely linked to our sense of smell, and the aroma from scented candles can interfere with the brain's ability to process the flavors in food. 

In some cases, very strong candle scents can even overpower the natural flavors of the food, making it less enjoyable. This is particularly important to keep in mind if you are hosting a dinner party or have guests over for a meal. To fully enjoy the flavors of your food, it is best to totally avoid using scented candles during meal times.

If you want to create a candlelit dinner and enjoy your dining experience to its fullest, it's best to stick to unscented tea lights or pillar candles. Save your favourite fragranced candles for after your meal!