Make Your Candles Last 30% Longer



"Trim you wicks for a longer-lasting candle?"

It's true! Trimming your wicks before EVERY burn is a sure way to extend your candle's life to the fullest, adding as much as a 30% longer burn time.

"But why do I need to trim before EVERY burn?"

Trimming your candle's wicks before EVERY burn is a must, not just with a TEMPLE candle, but ALL candles! In fact, you'll see these 'Candle Safety' directions on every quality-made candle's packaging. 

Because burning candles responsibly is SO important!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, candles are a leading source of residential fires with almost 10% of civilian injuries and 6% of fatalities from fire attributed to candles.

This is why we put a lot of effort into including lots of 'Candle Care' information with every candle we manufacture, and trust that you'll take extra care of your candle in your home.

If you light long, untrimmed wicks, the flames will be too big, too hot, and they will burn through your candle FAST! 

Trimming your wicks before EVERY burn results in a smaller 
starting size flame which will give you a cleaner burn (no blackening of the glass here!) and much longer-lasting candle. It prevents a large smoking flame and sooting of the candle glass and in extreme cases, overheating and cracking of the candle glass, which is a major fire hazard.

To trim your wicks you can use our elegant and easy to use Wick Trimmers which have been specially designed with a tiny 'tray' which will catch your trimmed wicks and residue perfectly. Or you can use nail clippers, or even ordinary scissors will do. 
Just remember these simple tips for a longer lasting, beautifully clean burning candle:

- Never burn for more than 3-4 hours at a time.
- After each burning session, blow out the flames, allow wax to cool slightly then straighten and re-centre the wicks if they have leaned over in the molten wax
- Once the wax has solidified again, trim both wicks down to 3-5mm
- Relight if you wish and enjoy. (I do love to burn my candles for aaaages, but I make sure to do these steps in between burn times).

Remember to show a little love to your candles and they will love you for it too.

Here's a little reminder of our top 4 candle safety rules

1. Trim your wicks before EVERY burn
2. Never burn for more than 3-4 hours at a time
3. Recentre the wicks upright if they lean over in the molten wax during burning
4. Never burn a candle unattended

With these few simple care tips, you can enjoy your candles much longer and more safely than ever.

Kendall x