How to Properly Store Your Candles: 3 things to avoid!

Did you know that your candle wax is always releasing scent molecules, even when it's not burning?

Often described as "cold throw" or "scent degradation”, both of these terms refer to the fragrance that a candle releases when it's not being burned. This is why some candles may have an issue with reduced scent throw over time. 

So if you've ever noticed that the scent of a candle you bought a while ago has faded, it's likely because you didn't store it properly, and the scent has diminished over a period of time. Fortunately, with knowledge of proper storage techniques, you can now make your candles last longer and maintain their fragrance for longer too. 

The good news is that storing fragranced candles is super easy!.. 

All you have to do is remember to keep them away from three things: heat, moisture, and direct sunlight (UV).

1. HEAT:
Fragrance oils and waxes are highly sensitive to heat. You might even notice tiny beads of "sweat" on your candle's surface. While a little sweating is normal and to be expected in our tropical climate (especially with our naturally soft coconut wax), it does not affect the candle's quality short term.  Ideally though, it is best to keep your candles at an optimal temperature of below 27 degrees celcius which will prevent any long term overheating and scent degradation.  Storing your candles in the cooler rooms of your home and away from direct sources of heat such as kitchen appliances or sitting in the sunlight, is best practice too.

Keep candles as dry as possible by avoiding areas with water, moisture, humidity (a little tricky for those of us who live in the tropics!), and condensation, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Also, avoid storing them in areas prone to leakage, such as under a sink.

Direct sunlight can cause oxidation and degradation of fragrance oils in the wax, causing the scent to fade faster. Store candles in a dark location when possible, and avoid placing them under desk lamps and spotlights.


It's always best to cover your candles when not in use to preserve the fragrance and keep dust and other airborne particles out. Always use your candles’ glass lid or dust covers that are included with every TEMPLE candle, or you could invest in an elegant bell cloche to display them while keeping the fragrance from escaping.

When not in use and if you have small children in the home, I always recommend storing candles on a high shelf or cupboard out of sight & out of reach. 

Hope this helps!

With love,
Kendall X