Fragrance in Fine Dining

La Dame de Pic

In the realm of fine dining, every aspect of the experience matters – from the culinary creations to the ambiance that surrounds diners. At TEMPLE, we understand the importance of creating memorable moments that engage all the senses, and fragrance plays a pivotal role in shaping these experiences.

As part of our commitment to elevating the guest experience, TEMPLE was also honored to create the signature scent for La Dame de Pic, the Michelin-starred French restaurant within Raffles Hotel.

A wonderful collaboration that has flourished since its inception in 2020, during a period marked by heightened hygiene awareness, we partnered with one of Singapore’s leading Microbiologists to formulate an innovative product aimed at ensuring diners' well-being while providing a beautiful and uplifting fragrance experience.

TEMPLE’s signature fragrance, Peony Petal & Fern, has become the scent of choice for a bespoke product seamlessly integrated into La Dame de Pic's restaurant experience.

Working closely with our expert Master Perfumers, we developed the exquisite fragrance known as Peony Petal & Fern, infused with notes of pink peony petals, jasmine, bergamot, and lemon citron, this scent exudes freshness and sophistication. It serves as the olfactory backdrop for guests' dining experiences, delicately scenting the luxurious hand towels at La Dame de Pic.

Indulging in a meal at La Dame de Pic is not just about savoring exquisite cuisine; it's a multisensory journey enriched by the subtle allure of Peony Petal & Fern. The fragrance enhances the ambiance, evoking a sense of refinement and elegance that complements the culinary artistry of the restaurant.

Next time you dine at La Dame de Pic, allow yourself to be enveloped by the captivating aroma of Peony Petal & Fern. It's a testament to the power of fragrance and the meticulous attention to detail that defines both TEMPLE and La Dame de Pic.

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