Relive the Magic of Raffles

Raffles Hotel

As a trusted partner of the iconic Raffles Hotel since 2017, TEMPLE has been creating bespoke fragrances that enhance the luxurious and elegant atmosphere of this historic establishment.

Alongside our expert perfumers, I have created a suite of home fragrances especially for the ‘Grand Old Dame’, in a bespoke Frangipani scent that is reminiscent of the frangipani trees that surround the hotel. This scent captures the essence of Raffles Hotel, transporting guests back to the lush tropical paradise of Raffles, even after they have returned home.

The Raffles Hotel Frangipani range includes a Reed Diffuser, Room Spray, and Eau de Toilette, all crafted with the same precision and attention to detail that our expert perfumers put into every creation.

This range is available exclusively at the Raffles Hotel Boutique, so guests can take home a piece of the Raffles experience and relive their memories through scent.


La Dame de Pic 

As part of our commitment to elevating the guest experience, TEMPLE was also honored to create the signature scent for La Dame de Pic, the Michelin-starred French restaurant within Raffles Hotel.

Alongside our expert Master Perfumers I created a fragrance that has since become La Dame de Pic's scent of choice; Peony Petal & Fern. With notes of pink peony petals, jasmine, bergamot, and lemon citron, this beautifully fresh fragrance is delicately used to scent the restaurant's luxurious hand towels, creating a refined and sophisticated sensory experience for guests.

Indulge in an unforgettable dining experience at La Dame de Pic and enjoy the subtle and alluring Peony Petal & Fern scent on their fragranced hand towels. It's the perfect touch of opulence to elevate your dining experience and a testament to the attention to detail that TEMPLE brings to all of our partnerships.