Guilt-Free Refills Are Here!





Like you, we LOVE fragrance! But sometimes throwing away all the packaging that comes with it makes us feel a little guilty. 

So when we heard our customers asking for refills so they could reuse their glass Diffuser bottles and Hand & Body Wash bottles to reduce plastic consumption  - we created them!

In our quest to reduce as much excess packaging as possible, our 2 Refill products are:

- Diffuser Refill Kit (200ml)
- Hand & Body Wash Refill Pouch 500 ml

We love that our refillable programme reduces packaging by up to 85%, and we hope you do too!

Diffuser Refill Kits (200ml)

Because we truly care about our environment and are mindful of minimizing as much excess packaging as possible, your 200ml refill fragrance comes in a recyclable PET plastic bottle and recyclable pouch.

Our Diffuser Refill Kits are a fantastic way to replenish your glass diffuser bottles with the same beautiful fresh fragrances, without incurring as much of the packaging waste. Top up your existing scent, or try something new!

Our generous 200ml refill bottle will completely fill your TEMPLE diffuser bottle, plus you will also receive 2 bundles of reeds (1 black, 1 natural so you can choose which look best suits your décor) to enjoy a refreshed fragrance experience.

Available in 11 fragrances. 

Hand & Body Wash Refill Pouch (500ml)

Refill your TEMPLE bottle almost 2 x's!

Our new 500ml sized Hand & Body Wash Refill Pouches will fill up your TEMPLE bottles almost 2 times, which is both a convenient and economical way to keep your favourite sensitive skin soaps topped up and ready to go!

And because we design our products for longevity, our chic waterproof Hand & Body Wash labels and glass-like bottles will keep looking fantastic month after month in wet or dry conditions, so there is no need to throw them out - just refill with your favourite scented wash.

Hand & Body Wash Refill Pouches are available in our 3 signature scents;

- Grapefruit Yuzu
- Peony Petal & Fern
- Pomelo Blossom


Kendall x