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This luxurious scent pays homage to the Frangipani Garden tucked away within the famous Singapore Botanic Gardens of Singapore. Underneath a canopy of white frangipani trees rests old-world garden swings, where you can sway and breathe in the sublime tropical air.

A dreamy blend of frangipani essential oils, lily of the valley, rose & star jasmine combine to create this unreservedly feminine fragrance.


Perfect for smaller spaces, Temple Luxury Reed Diffusers will fill your room with a subtle, long lasting fragrance. Enjoy a delicately infused environment for up to 6 months.

Perfectly packaged for gifting, each TEMPLE signature gift box features a hand woven ‘Eternal Knot’ tassel which has a centuries-old meaning in many parts of Asia - a charm that symbolises good luck, longevity, and an auspicious connection between two fates.

Handmade in Singapore, Temple Luxury Reed Diffusers have been specially formulated for Singapore's climate and condition, with the purest Australian essential oil fragrances which means they are extremely long lasting.  They are alcohol free and vegan friendly too!