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Temple Luxury Fragranced Candles & Diffusers pay homage to romantic travels of the Far East, evoking memories of Singapore and the exotic lifestyle of island living. 

Pure and simplistic, our fragrances reflect a connection with nature, with an exquisite range of Oriental-botanic inspired scents.

Our evocative scents will transport your senses and enrich your home with fragrance.

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About Our Candles

"Inspired by the sublime fragrances of Oriental botanics; of escapes to remote islands surrounded by turquoise seas and the meditative calm of temples of the Orient"

"Temple Luxury Candles and Diffusers pay homage to romantic travels of the Far East, evoking memories of Singapore and the exotic lifestyle of island living"

Handmade in Singapore, Temple Luxury Fragranced Candles and Diffusers are made with the finest quality Australian-sourced ingredients. We use only the highest quality soy-blend non-toxic wax, all natural cotton wicks, and a boutique range of essential oil fragrances.    

Our pure and simplistic fragrances reflect a connection with nature, embodying the intoxicating florals and natural beauty of Singapore and it's surrounds with an exquisite range of Oriental-botanic inspired fragrances.

Drawing inspiration from Singapore’s landscape, Temple Luxury Candle and Diffuser signature packaging gives a nod to the famous ‘Black and White’ British Colonial architecture, and features influences from Singapore’s unique Peranakan heritage.



Perfectly packaged for gifting, Temple's elegant signature gift boxes are also adorned with a handwoven reusable ‘Eternal Knot’ tassel which has a centuries-old meaning in many parts of Asia. Representing good luck, longevity and the interconnection of all beings, the exchange of the Eternal Knot represents a link between two fates and an auspicious connection between the two. 

Richly fragranced and beautifully housed in clear reusable glass, Temple Luxury Candles and Diffusers are designed to be aesthetically neutral, adding a sophisticated ambiance to any interior.


About Our Founder

An Interior Designer by trade, Australian-born TEMPLE founder Kendall Hamill was inspired to create a range of luxury home fragrances that paid homage to her beloved adopted island-home of Singapore.

Kendall's continual search for that perfect Oriental-inspired gift for visiting family and friends motivated her to start hand-pouring and designing her own fragranced candles, incorporating a Singaporean aesthetic. With an aim of capturing the sublime botanical fragrances of the island and surrounds, the TEMPLE range quickly grew.


“As a detail-focused Interior Designer, luxury candles and diffusers have always been my favourite finishing touch to any interior as well as being a perfect 'go-to' gift.

But it was my love of this beautiful island that was at the heart of my inspiration. When you live abroad lots of people come to visit, and I wanted my visiting friends and family to take home a meaningful and lasting embodiment of Singapore.  I wanted to create something beautiful to represent that.

I was also especially interested in the science of positive fragrance association - the ability to evoke memories from a certain time and place in someone’s life, through fragrance.

After more than a year in the planning, I combined my passion for luxury candles and diffusers together with my love of Singapore and Oriental-infused design, and the concept of TEMPLE was created”.



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